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Special, Limited Time Offer -
27 Point - Power Promotion Critique

“I will personally review you postcard promotion to help you make it as profitable as possible”

Face it, not only do you want to succeed . . .  you need to succeed.

Fact: While post cards are one of the 4 or 5 most powerful marketing tools available today they are still part of direct mail and thus very susceptible to a multitude of oversights, errors and blunders by yourself and others.

The consequence: Many campaigns wind up only breaking even or worse yet loosing money. Obviously no one sets out to lose money with post cards but it does happen far too often.

The Solution: Help ensure that you maximize your marketing dollars, return on investment, and profits by utilizing my personally critique of your postcard promotion.

Here’s how it works: I have developed a time tested 27 Point - Power Promotion Critique™ - Check List over the past 18 years. I have successfully used this powerful tool to critique clients’ and my own direct mail pieces.

Here’s an example:

Recently three seemingly small suggestions I gave to a client saved him a cool $765.00 in production cost and has significantly bettered his previous response rate. It took only about twenty minutes of my time but years of experience building and tweaking my critique check list.

So ask yourself . . . . . can I really afford to skip this crucial analysis?

Failure to have a professional like my self critique your postcard promotion efforts and your copy can put your … promotional efforts… and you job…at risk.

I routinely charge $125.00 for the Power Promotion Critique™ of a post card but right now, it’s yours free.*


 “All things are difficult before they are easy.” Thomas Fuller 1608-1661

*This offer may be canceled at any time. Qualification is based upon my receipt of your copy, rough mock up of design / layout and deposit.

Post Card Pricing



 1,000  2,500  5,000  10,000  15,000 & Up
 4" x 6"          Call Us Please
 4" x 9"          Call Us Please
 5.5" x 8.5"           Call Us Please


All post cards are printed on 100 lb. gloss cover/12pt card stock with ultra-gloss U.V. coating.                                             The above pricing includes black ink on the back.  For a custom quote on postcards,                                                       brochures, catalog sheets, posters or annual reports please call or email us.                                                                     More Specific Terms & Conditions.




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