Postcard Marketing

“Pennies to Dollars”

30 Plus Ways to Use
Full Color Postcards Profitably

 If you’re like me, you’ve often given thought to...

Making the maximum return on your marketing investment.
Specifically targeting each group or database with a specific message.
Keeping your name in front of your clients & prospects on a regular basis (every 30 to 60 days), so when they’re ready to act they think of you.
Making it easy for your clients & prospects to get the specific answers they want, more information, or a FREE estimate
Increasing your readership (thus your response rate) by up to 200%.
Getting the benefits of 1st Class mailing while saving 38% on your postage.

Postcards can do all this and much more.

They are one of the most versatile and powerful forms of self promotion.  Just think, a 4" x 6" postcard costs you only 23 cents to mail.  And, a well-designed postcard with a good, straight forward, benefit oriented message will produce anywhere from 80 % to as much as 94 % more readership.

Why? There’s no envelope to open. Nothing to unfold. There aren’t inserts, price lists, lift letters, business cards and whatever else spilling out of an envelope.  Yes there is a place for all that - and it can be profitable, but here’s a reality - while standing over the trash can sorting through the mail, people will read or at least scan your postcard - with a flick of the wrist they’ve seen both sides. Yes, it might go into the trash for a number of reasons - lack of interest, lack of need or it’s just not the right time - that’s to be expected. That’s fine. They’re not a prospect or ready at this time.  The rest, however, will call, write, or fax for more information.

Bingo! Into your database they go, out goes follow-up information to highly interested prospects. This direct response post card approach reduces your cost while increasing the likelihood of your success. There’s much more, but in an effort to keep this brief, I’ll stop here.

Use Post Card Mailers To Attract New Clients

Use postcards to generate leads. Get people to request more information.

Mail a series of postcards to prospects. Each postcard can emphasize a specific benefit of what you do.

Timing is critical.  Mail postcards every month or two so when they are ready to buy they’ll think of you.

Make simple, easy to understand offers at a reduced price and for a limited time to bring in new clients.

Make a special offer to new residents or businesses in your target area.

Re-sell & Up-sell Existing Clients Via Post Cards

Increase the amount of client purchases and the frequency of purchases by offering an incentive.  If a typical client spends $750 per year, create an offer where they save extra for purchasing over $1,000.

Remind clients it’s time to come see you again. Health professionals, eye doctors, dentists, etc. use this quite effectively.  So can people in other fields like the automotive industry, carpet cleaning, dog grooming, etc.

Make a special offer to clients with whom you haven’t done business with in a while.  Use postcards to retain clients.

Inform customers of improvements or new offers.

Announce upcoming price increases with a postcard and let the clients take advantage of a close out on lower prices.

Do holiday-specific promotions.  You can even tailor these so they fit your slow periods.

Offer a lifetime membership discount program.

Retail Establishments

Give your regular clients advance notice on sales or a new line you’re starting to carry.

Team up with your suppliers and manufactures to share the cost of the postcard mailing.  This can even be done on the photography and layout expenses.

Use the fishbowl drawing technique.  Have a weekly or monthly drawing for your store.  Make sure whatever you give away is something only your clients will be interested in; i.e. If you own a bookstore don’t give away a free dinner. Give away a 30% or 35% off coupon for all the books they want to purchase. They can simply bring in the postcard you sent them announcing the drawing or fill out a card at your store.  Be sure you put the names into your client/prospect databases.

Grand opening sales promotion.

Collect birthday dates.  Send your clients a postcard for a bonus, FREE dinner or gift at your establishment.

Advertise your yearly sales, clearance sales, stock reductions, used equipment sales or inventory sales.

Everyone likes to feel special so start a frequent customer club.  After a customer purchases something from you, send them a postcard letting them know they have only “X” more dollars to spend with you to receive a FREE gift, discount, product, or service.

Rolodex or magnetic postcards can be used to keep your name in front of the client longer. Advertise special contests.

Additional Benefits of Post Card Marketing

With the help of your local visitors & conventions bureau, use a postcard to attract people planning to attend conventions in the area .  It is possible to make a compelling offer directly, and reach a number of attendees at local conventions this way.

A post card can educate your clients and keep them informed on breaking news in your industry.  Post cards can be circulated quickly.

The use of full-color postcards are great for acknowledging reservations or appointments.

Promote your website or fax-on-demand system.  Let people know about updates or new items in your technology based marketing resources.

Educate customers by putting how-to tips on postcards.

Get people to call and hear a FREE 2 or 3 minute message describing your services or products.

Alert customers to your new address if you move.

Publicize hiring a new staff (i.e. sales representative)

Offer incentives to people who give you referrals for new business.

Mail a postcard size newsletter.

What type of postcards should you use? What size? Should you use 4-color card with a U.V. Coating or a simple card with black ink? That all depends on your business, offer and budget.  We’ve found that often a 5 1/2" x 8" or a 6" x 9" jumbo card more than offsets the additional cost in response rate profit.

A Key Point
Consider leaving the backs (the message side) blank when ordering 4 -Color post cards. By doing so, you can tailor specific messages to each group or audience you mail to. While it does cost a bit more to print up 500 or 1,000 at a time, the return on investment can more than offset the cost to tailor the message.

Note: The smallest size card which can be pulled through a printing press is 4" x 6".

You can have the best looking card with a sensational offer, but if you send it to the wrong audience you’ll achieve nothing.


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