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Not Using Postcards May
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Don’t take our word for it ... Read on and see what a few of our clients have to say about marketing with postcards...


Scott Buttes

                  CPS Southwest

I wanted to let you know how the marketing postcards you produced for us have contributed to our marketing success. In the last four years, we at CPS have invested around $2,000 -$2,500 in postcards. I must say we have been quite pleased with our results.

First, we have received about $200,000 in business from postcards mailings.
We did an $80,000 dollar job for a large, well known company as a direct result of a postcard mailing. The investment of postage, labor, and everything else that went into these mailings has given back to us a very worthwhile profit.

Another benefit of the postcards is that I notice they often payoff in the future. It is not unusual for us to get a call from 6 months or a year later from someone after they have gotten a postcard. The postcards have enabled us to get more business into our pipeline and they keep us visible in our market. I like how they are a great way to remind customers of all of our capabilities.

Thanks, Dave, for introducing us to postcard marketing and all of your marketing ideas.

Scott Buttes
CPS Southwest

You too can experience the amazing power of full-color printed postcards in your business today. We hear owners and managers telling us over and over... “Postcard marketing has really increased my profits and return on investment by two, three, even ten times as much to what I got from traditional marketing.”

Louise Mueller 

                  Coupons on Request “I did a small, color postcard mailing that cost less than $400 dollars and the business I picked up from it has generated over $7,800 thus far and the phone is still ringing!”
Louise Mueller
Coupons on Request

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 At the Postcard Dr. we specialize in creating high impact, low cost postcards and successful postcard marketing campaigns to help you attract new clients and grow your business quickly.  Here’s just a few of the postcard marketing services we provide:

Postcard printing - You’ll be blown away by how much profit you can make on a 6¢ investment!
Graphic Design and Layout - from subtly simple to outright DA$$LING
Copywriting - Remember, what you say Does Matter!

Mailing Services - includes helping you acquire a targeted mailing list to complete mail fulfillment.

Eric Overholt 

                                  Metal Cutting Services “Postcard marketing is something new to us and I was amazed at the response we got from our very first mailing. Not only did it renew contacts with our past customers, but it enabled us to attain a number new customers.”
Eric Overholt
Metal Cutting Services

 The most important thing we want you to know is that at Postcard Dr. we can not only help you create but implement your postcard marketing plan.

...So, right now you may be saying to yourself, “Sure... printed postcards work for some businesses, but what can full color postcards do for me?” Well, although there are a wide variety of uses they generally all fall into one of these categories:

Attract you new clients.
Resell and up-sell your existing customers.
Maintain contact to help you build a stronger relationship with them.

 This is fairly obvious, but isn’t the bottom line that...You Want To Increase Your Cash Flow as quickly as possible? The simple fact is full-color postcards are the most creative and effective way for you to save money and make money.

With all the competition out there, now it’s more important than ever to maximize every dollar you spend on marketing, so let Postcard Dr. help you get started today! It’s easy and simple.  Just fill out this Quick Form with your name, company’s name, mailing address and email address. Then we can quickly get you the material you need to boost your income and profits today.

Special Offer for New Clients:
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